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Convert any PWA (Progressive web app) to Google Play Ready Apps. 
Easily generate PWApk for your PWA site.

*Works using TWA (See FAQ)

Why upload PWA on Android Playstore

Empower Your App

Better Discoverability

Your customers are looking for your apps on Google Play daily. Studies say consumers use Google Playstore and Appstore like it’s Google search.

Lesser size

Lightweight Progressive web app (PWA) consumes lesser size than other native apps. With PWA Android app created using PWA2APK, the size reduction is guaranteed.

Ex- Google Maps Go (175KB)

Remove “Add to Home-screen”

It’s irritating to find Add to Homescreen when landed up on sites. Why not encourage users to download app from playstore, if they really want to keep it.

About us

PWA2APK is brought to you by Appmaker

Appmaker has joined the journey with App building since its birth. Using our tools, customers have built over 20,000+ apps and served customers all over the planet.

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User Demand

Your users have been asking you for years, “Is there an app for X(your website)? I don’t see it in the store.” People want apps from proprietary app stores, not on the free and open web.

Feels like an app (For Real!)

PWA’s were introduced to feel websites like an app, but the url reminds one often, it’s just a website. With hidden url, now your users would feel it like any other app.

Hide URL

Now you can hide url by default. Your users won’t even know it’s a PWA wrapped in APK, thus helps in branding better.

PWA App Push Notification

Send push notifications as its a PWA, integrated with all Push notification providers.
ex- Onesignal


Offline Loading

The app works even in low connectivity or offline. The data can be saved heavenly using PWA android app.


Sync with chrome

If your user has a session on your website opened when the user installs the app from the Play Store, he/she will still be logged in.


Synced with web

Sync PWA Android app with website. Hence all the changes on the site will be reflected on mobile app in real-time.

Not a PWA?

NO Worries

Convert any website to Google Play Ready Apps using Appmaker Web2App

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes PWA2APK unique?

Unlike Webview apps, PWA Android apps created using PWA2APK are built on top of TWA (Trusted Web Activity). Push notification and Cache works default in TWA.

2. Is this PWA Android app for Free?

You can download PWA Apk for your PWA site for free using PWA2APK (Non Customizable Package name). However, you can opt for a customised package name by toggling Pro version (Charged additionally).

3. Do you provide source codes for PWApk?

Yes. We do provide source code for the APK generated.

4. How does PWA2APK work?

We understood the process to convert PWA’s to Android app is an hectic and one that require many dev hours. Using Appmaker engine, we were able to automate processes. This helped it to be one-click tool, where all you need to do is provide URL and app name.

5. Are you delivering a signed APK? What about that certificate?

The APK generated is signed. Every user has his own certificate generating.

You can get the certificates, source code as well as APK at the last step.

6. Would you help to Uploading PWA Android app to Playstore?

Yes. You can read our support documentation. And if still with doubts, you can always reach us for assistance.

7. How can we contact you?

You can reach out to us via mail or social handles. Our email is support@appmaker.xyz

8. How is TWA different from Webview?

There are a few things that make Trusted Web Activities different from other ways to integrate web content with your app:
1) Content in a Trusted Web activity is trusted — the app and the site it opens are expected to come from the same developer. (This is verified using Digital Asset Links.)
2) Trusted Web activities come from the web: they’re rendered by the user’s browser, in exactly the same way as a user would see it in their browser except they are run fullscreen. Web content should be accessible and useful in the browser first.
3) Browsers are also updated independent of Android and your app — Chrome, for example, is available back to Android Jelly Bean. That saves on APK size and ensures you can use a modern web runtime. (Note that since Lollipop, WebView has also been updated independent of Android, but there are a significant number of pre-Lollipop Android users.)
4) The host app doesn’t have direct access to web content in a Trusted Web activity or any other kind of web state, like cookies and localStorage. Nevertheless, you can coordinate with the web content by passing data to and from the page in URLs (e.g. through query parameters, custom HTTP headers, and intent URIs.)
5) Transitions between web and native content are between activities. Each activity (i.e. screen) of your app is either completely provided by the web, or by an Android activity

9. Is this safe? Do we know it doesn’t inject code?

This is completely safe and there is no way which we can inject code to TWA. To add to more credibility, we are giving away the source code for the generated APK as well.

10. I am lost. What did you say this tool does?

It convert PWA to APK file in just few clicks. It works using TWA, which promises availability of PWA’s on Google Playstore. Using PWA2APK, you can convert existing PWA’s to APK file, which inturn can be uploaded to Google Playstore.

11. What are some examples of PWA?

Some PWA examples includes Tinder, Starbucks, MapsGo and many more.

12. Why do I find address bar in APK uploaded?

This is because you haven’t verified properly. Read more on how to successfully have full screen PWA Android app experience.

13. What was the inspiration behind PWA2APK?

The Medium article by Maximiliano Firtman was the starting point. The article was bit lengthy but at the end, he quoted “I really want to see a tool to enter our PWA’s URL and get an APK from it.” Thus our team decide to spent 2 whole days to make this into reality.

14. I like what you do, what else do you do?

Thanks! We are expertise in App Management as well as App Development Automation, we build App engines to automate a lot of stuff. Our focus is primarily on E-Commerce and Digital media apps. This includes WordPress Native App, WooCommerce Native App, Custom App, Website to Android App, Desktop App for Mac, Windows and Linux. You can reach us at support@appmaker.xyz for enquiries:)

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